Healthcare redefined

Located in the heart of North Vancouver, Revive will change the way you and your family approach your health. With a focus on preventative medicine and individualized care, our membership programs and medical services will allow you to feel confident in addressing your healthcare needs. 

Concierge Medical Services

Medical Services

Our membership program offers a full-suite of medical and allied health services that are personalized to your specific health targets. In addition to periodic medical examinations, benefits of membership include physician-guided preventative health counselling and screening, genetic testing and cardio-vascular fitness optimization. Furthermore, members have access to on-site allied health specialists, luxurious clinic facilities and innovative medical technology. 

Keep your body well

Sports Medicine Walk-in

First and Only Walk-In Sports Medicine Clinic in the Lower Mainland

Medical Management

Comprehensive Assessment

Exercise Counselling

MSK Imaging

Specialist Referrals

Getting you back on track

Rehab Services

COAST Performance Rehab is a movement focused, multidisciplinary company that aims to change the way injury rehabilitation is done. At COAST, our goal is to get you back to the peak ability you need to perform in life, recreation and athletics with thorough assessment, collaboration and a personalized game plan.

We are excited to expand on this goal with the Revive Sports Medicine team as they share these same goals and values.  Together, we’ll be able to guide you through all aspects of the rehab all under one roof.

Keep your team well

Corporate Services

Revive works with companies to ensure programs are in place to promote the health and wellbeing of their executives and employee populations. Services include personalized medical plans and allied health support to optimize both mental and physical health. In taking a deeper dive into preventative health measures, sleep optimization as well as nutrition and exercise, Revive can ensure that individuals are functioning to the best of their ability both inside and outside of the workplace.

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